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Bark: Export Grade Nuggets, Standard Nuggets (toppy), Mini Nuggets, Midi Nuggets, Bark Nuggets, Mill Bark (Ngahere mulch), Forest Mulch, Organic Mulch

Compost: Bio Blend, Zoom Grow, Organic Bio Mix, Mushroom Compost

Soil: Lawn Mix (Organic Earth), Screened Top Soil, Soil Compost Blend

Aggregate: Plastering Sand, Sandpit Sand (Core sand), Crusher Dust, Premix, Nor-west Rock, AP20 Top Course, 13mm Grey Hound, 38mm Tailings, Grade 4 chip, Boulders, Alpine Rock, Springfield (small 5-12mm), Springfield (large 12-18mm), Oamaru Large, Oamaru Scree

We are adding to our range of rocks and stones all the time!